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Presently, no scientific protocol exists to either prove or disprove scalar light action. Furthermore, only a scalar light instrument can be utilized to monitor and observe scalar light action upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects.

The testimonies herein are first-hand accounts as to the efficacy of the scalar light sessions by way of a photograph of a person, animal, plant or object. These testimonies are subjective. Nonetheless, the testimonies serve as the initial body of evidence attesting to the benefits of the scalar light sessions. Scalar light is a new and emerging science and the testimonies listed on the website have been voluntarily submitted.

The scalar light sessions are administered upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. In practice, all scalar sessions act within the scalar light dimension which is distinct from the electromagnetic dimension. Therefore, all testimonies submitted to www.scalarlight.com reflect the subjective experience or observation of people that have e-mailed photographs of people, animals, plants and objects for scalar light sessions. Consequently, the scalar light sessions and the associated testimonies represent the new and emerging science of influencing the scalar light force fields embedded upon photographs.

The scalar light instruments are unique as well as the scalar light protocols which administer scalar light upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. Thus, the testimonies are unique, first-hand accounts relative to the ground-breaking, private research of Tom Paladino contained herein at: www.scalarlight.com


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Average rating: 1714 reviews

Jul 31, 2021 by Chantal on Scalar Light
Thank You Very Much
2 semaines du programme pour dire combien l'energie a changé pour moi , merci beaucoup.

Translation - 2 weeks of the program to say how much energy has changed for me, thank you very much.
Jul 30, 2021 by Diane on Scalar Light
Thank you!
Thank you for educating me on Scalar Energy. I'm in my second month of the Standardize program and the trial for Fat Metabolism program. I've noticed an overall "wellness" and stronger physically. Give it a try.
Jul 30, 2021 by Barbara on Scalar Light
Thank you!
The Scalar Energy 15 day trial is on day 10 has convinced me to subscribe for a year. I feel better about my future, have felt lighter in my body and spirit and definitely felt the detox. so I know it’s working!
Thank you
Jul 27, 2021 by Sharanya on Scalar Light
Thank you!
I was on free trial of Scalar light sessions, and it was wonderful. I had a lot of energy, and i could stay calm despite challenging situations. Thank you
Jul 21, 2021 by Barbara on Scalar Light
Thank you!
My second day and I have felt a positive difference in my body and relationships! Can’t wait to see more improvements that I can document and share! Thank you Tom
Jul 21, 2021 by Anon on Scalar Light
My healing experience with Scalar Light began 16 days ago when I emailed a photo of myself. My hope was that I could use the tools to compliment the natural treatments I had already designed for myself, to help heal the obstructions in my mind, body, spirit and soul. The worldwide medical establishment calls what I have "Stage 4 Cancer." I prefer not to give the "C" word any energy, so you won't hear (or see) me using this word but one more time at the end of this letter. I've said it here because I want people to understand the severity of my condition. I once had tumors in my brain, chest, lungs, bones, abdomen, and kidneys were failing. I was given just weeks to live, being told by the doctors that chemo and radiation were the only options they could offer to extend my life. What kind of last few months would that be? I, of course, passed on that option. Because of my natural treatment plan, the tumors that were in my lungs, chest, and brain have not just been reduced. They are gone. All that's left are shrinking tumors, one on each kidney and small spots on my bones. I will not stop until they are gone too. I've waged this battle once before, 7 years ago.

Despite being in hospice with, according to the doctors, only weeks left to live, I knew this beast. I knew I could beat it. I attacked it every waking hour by embracing the positive in even the smallest of things. I also knew I needed a treatment plan that made sense to me, so I embarked on a journey. Who in their right mind could ever believe that taking a photograph of a person, animal, plant, or object could result in transmission of quantum energy? Not me. No way. This had to be a joke. Still, while I am a pragmatist, I also realize that everything in this universe is energy, either active or stored. With this basic axiom in mind, I had to remind myself that this concept of quantum energy presented itself to me based on prevailing cosmic energy that I was attracting to myself. Consciously or not, I had employed a tractor beam. So, I went for it. I noticed changes the very first day. Based on the flow from my kidneys into my Nephropathy tubes and bags (see photos below), toxins were being removed from my body. Evidence? I think so! Since I have something artificial in my kidneys draining the fluid, I retain water. Since being on the program, the water retained in my legs, stomach and ankles has decreased markedly. The inflammation in my body has decreased as well, and, incredibly, the chronic pain I was suffering has been almost entirely mitigated. And there's more! Before, I was suffering from chronic fatigue. With the body pain mitigated, I am able to go for much longer walks in the park and woods.

The psychological effects have led to better cognition too. It's as if the clouds have parted, and the sun is shining bright. The mental fogginess is gone, and, when I'm faced with situations that I previously considered challenging, I find myself cool, calm, collected, and quick with solutions. What used to cause anxiety and trigger PTSD no longer does. I am ecstatic about my newfound emotional balance and stamina. The other benefits are almost too numerous to mention, but I have to share the ones that make all the difference getting through every day. Without taking Cascara Sagrada, I’m able to poop with ease. My hot flashes at night are now rare occurrences. If I were lucky in the past, I might get 5 or 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Now I get 9 or 10. Everyone is telling me that my eyes are brighter. For years now, I've been dangerously thin. I just didn't have an appetite. Since beginning this program, I'm not only eating healthier, but I've put on 3 pounds. After all of this, how can I possibly not trust the healing energy from the Sun?

I don’t know all of the ins and outs of this program, but I do know it has made a gigantic difference in my life. I am absolutely amazed at this technology. This is a supernatural gift for humanity. This technology has the potential to change the healthcare system not just in the United States but worldwide. As you can probably imagine, a person facing my kinds of healthcare challenges, by default in this country, also encounters huge financial hurdles. Some are simply too high to jump. But, I can tell you this. I am vocal. I am active. I am a great resource for testimonials, and, when I was able to work a normal job, I was a nationally recognized and award-winning (two-time "Educator of the Year") spokesperson in the cosmetics industry. And yes. That was me pitching myself for a sponsorship. While I did sign up for the next four weeks, I am hopeful you will provide an additional and significant discount or a sponsorship to this two-time Stage Four cancer survivor. If they would benefit me, I am open to doing more trials. Truly, I'm open to doing anything that would result in a win/win scenario for the both of us. I simply don't have the financial wherewithal to do everything that I should be doing to restore my health. I am thankful and grateful to you Tom Paladino for creating this Light Healing.
Jul 19, 2021 by Lana on Scalar Light
Scaler light is amazing!
The changes for me have been subtle. I sleep sound through the night. I have greater mental clarity. I've had diverticulitis in the past which left me constipated. My daily elimination is normal and regular. This is a very big deal. My sinuses are clear. I've always thought I was pretty healthy but I feel better than ever. I've signed up for 30 days . Scaler light is amazing!
Jul 16, 2021 by Joanne on Scalar Light
Thank you, for this was the healing I needed
I feel like scalar light trial was sent to me from above. Thank you, for this was the healing I needed. I will be using this again as soon as I get back to work (I was in such a bad place I had to quite my job). I feel balanced and whole again. God Bless!
Jul 09, 2021 by Emilia on Scalar Light
I Have So Much Energy!
Thank you for the free experience. I have so much energy I moved all my stuff 3 times in House. I was purging, bad stuff came out. Lots of tears. I am on day 11 of the free trial. I got $199 special offer. Thank you
Jul 09, 2021 by Emilia on Scalar Light
Thank you for free experience
Thank you for free experience . I have so much energy I mowed all my staff 3 times in House.,I was purging , bed staff came out. Lots of tears . I am day 11 of free trial. I got $199 special offer. Thank you
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